Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One Radical Mama

"At long last one night I called my mother, who was existing in St. John's, Newfoundland. I began to holler as I let her know that my life was at an end and the main option I saw was to murder myself.

I was intense with her. I let her know that I was calling her to say farewell and for her to pardon me and attempt to comprehend why I was settling on the choice that I was making.

My mother recounts the story that when she heard this, she saw two plan B: one was that she could call the police and attempt to have them get there before I kicked the bucket. Alternately she could turn to God and request that he convey me.

She said the second option hit her soul so hard. She started to move and sing to the Lord: "Concerning me and my home we will serve the Lord."

My mother is a radical adherent to God. She had numerous dreams and dreams from the Lord affirming that He had an arrangement for her life, for her youngsters' lives and for her grandchildren's lives.

As she moved that night, I accept God heard her request to God. What happened next was the solution for her requests to God.

I had considered numerous approaches to end it, yet the particular case that had closed upon was to hang myself inside my wardrobe. I discovered some old wired link that is utilized for HQ TV. I discovered a solid shaft inside the storeroom that I wrapped the line around. I tried to check whether it would hold my weight…

I got down on my knees, put the string around my neck and began to incline forward. I recall beginning to pass out and I could see stars.

Be that as it may in that dim spot, I heard God's most magnificent voice address me within. He said: "What's the deal with you? I have an arrangement for your life."

Presently let me underline something to you for a minute. I didn't put stock in God. I was an agnostic/freethinker who didn't trust in a cherishing God, however here was this voice identifying with me with the best of sympathy.

This confounded me, yet I was determined to kick the bucket, so I began to incline forward on the line once more. I began to pass out again and the same voice talk expression, "What's the deal out with you? I've an solution for your life."

In this last snippet of my life when I had totally abandoned God, He decided to address me."

We commend God for your life and your illustration, Judy Hodge-Collins. You are one radical mama.

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